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Summer Housing General Information
  • Applications must be returned by 4:30 pm on May 4, 2018. Applications received after this point may not be accepted.
  • All students (except graduates) wishing to stay on campus for the summer must have completed and returned a Fall 2018 housing application.
  • Summer residents will be hoursed in Noonan Hall
  • Air conditioned rooms will be assigned to student who have medical needs first.
  • Summer Housing will be alcohol free housing
  • Single rooms will be determined once the number of summer students is known. Students need to be prepared to have a roommate.
  • Summer housing is in Baxter rate for the summer is $800.00. Suites will be filled with 4 residents. (add all preferred members to your application, we will assign students to non completed suite)
  • Students will receive their summer housing assignment in May
  • Students without Fall 2018 housing assignment must vacate prior to July 20, 2018
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The following special conditions apply to summer housing:
  • Meal services are not available for summer residents. A kitchen with a stove and refrigerator is located on each floor.
  • Air-conditioners are not permitted in residents’ rooms without proper approval. (Floor lounges are air conditioned)
  • The policies, rules and standards of residence living, as stated in the current 2017-18 Briar Cliff University Student Handbook will apply as well as the 2017-18 Housing Contract. Alcohol is not allowed in Residence Halls during summer housing.
  • Mail will be delivered daily to residents’ mailboxes in the Stark Student Center.
  • Checkout procedures when leaving summer housing are the same as when leaving your housing at the end of the school year. A list of checkout procedures and guidelines will be given to you prior to your checkout. Cleaning/damage charges will be assessed upon checkout if a room does not meet housing standards.
  • Students will be billed for summer housing at the beginning of the summer.
By submitting this form, I agree that I have read and understand the above contract and will adhere to the rules contained within the 2017-18. Briar Cliff University Handbook and Housing Contract as well as the above listed summer housing policies.

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