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Welcome to the Briar Cliff mathematics home page!

The programs in mathematics promote the development of skills in logical reasoning, problem solving, data analysis, and the communication of ideas. Two degree programs are available to accommodate students' interests and career goals, the Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and the Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics Education.  These programs are designed to strike a balance between theory and application, preparing students for entry into a variety of careers in business and industry, the teaching profession, and graduate study in mathematical sciences.

The use of technology is integrated throughout the mathematics curriculum via graphing calculators, computer algebra systems, and statistical tools. Software currently in use includes Derive 6, Geometer's Sketchpad, Minitab, and Microsoft Excel, all running under Windows XP. Beginning in the fall of 2011, new students will be issued iPad 2 tablets, and the mathematics department will begin to explore uses of this new technology both in and outside the classroom.

For additional questions not answered on our web pages, please feel welcome to contact the

     Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
     Briar Cliff University  Sioux City IA  51104

     Phone:  712.279.5541      E-mail:  Mathematics