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Welcome to Department of Education's Teacher Preparation Program webpage. We are excited to share some of the key aspects of our program with you. The theme statement for our program is:

In the Franciscan tradition, our program prepares professional educators
through community and service.

This is an exciting time in the teaching profession! Educational reform is taking place at all levels of the profession: local, state, and federal. When you are accepted into our teacher preparation program, you will join us in helping to shape the reforms in education as a professional educator.

The Briar Cliff University Department of Education offers an elementary education major, a secondary education major and minor, and education courses for endorsements in academic disciplines. Students successfully completing the professional preparation program for teacher education are eligible to apply for teacher licensure. The Teacher Preparation Program complies with and is accredited by the State of Iowa Department of Education.

Teacher Preparation Program
The professional preparation program for teaching in private and public schools begins with the Educational Foundations course. This course includes 10 hours of field experience mandated by the Iowa Department of Education and serves as the gateway to the education program. It is a prerequisite for all other education courses. Students who complete the requirements for this course are eligible to apply for admission to the education department. The application, available from the chair of the education department, is to be submitted by March 15 of the year in which the foundations course is taken.

Acceptance into the Teacher Preparation Program
The formal application for acceptance into the Teacher Preparation Program is screened by the Teacher Education Committee. The screening criteria include:

1. Grade of “C” in WRTG 109 or passing the writing competency in the education department;

2. Cumulative and major grade point average of 2.5;

3. Grade of “C” in accepted speech course or passing the speech competency in the education department;

4. Letter of nomination from a Briar Cliff University faculty member outside the education department;

5. Successful completion of the pre-professional skills test (PPST) (reading 173, writing 172, mathematics 172);

6. Other appropriate items—e.g., mathematics, speaking, writing, listening assessments and/or a personal interview;

7. An understanding of and personal characteristics necessary to teaching; and

8. Teacher Education Advisory Committee recommendation of acceptance.

When accepted, the student is notified. If a student does not meet the above criteria, the reasons for non-acceptance will be given to the student.

Once accepted into the Teacher Preparation Program, students are required to maintain the standards under which they were accepted. Personal qualities required of a teacher are also required of students in the education department. These qualities include but are not limited to: the ability to complete work on time, punctuality and attendance, the ability to accept guidance in teaching, and the ability to relate to other people.

To enroll in 300 and 400 level courses in the professional core, students must be admitted to the Teacher Preparation Program. this includes EDUC01IR and EDUC02IR 97.

Internship (Student Teaching)
Iowa School Law requires each student in the teacher preparation program to complete a minimum of 12 weeks of internship. The student will make formal application for internship on or before March 15 of the year preceding the one in which the internship will be undertaken. Forms for application and faculty recommendation are available from the chair of the education department. After the required forms are submitted to the chair of the education department, an interview with the chair of the department is scheduled.

During the interview, the chair and the student evaluate the student’s progress in the education program and readiness for the internship. The internship is a full-time responsibility. The intern is required to follow the schedule and activities of the cooperating teacher, including after-school meetings and activities. This educational experience should be scheduled during a semester in which the student is free of other college classes, sports, and work.

When the internship is completed, the student meets with the chair of the education department to initiate the process for licensure.

Transfer Students
Transfer students and students who make late decisions are subject to the same screening procedures and are required to meet the standards as described above.

Title II Program Information
One hundred forty-nine students were enrolled in teacher preparation programs at Briar Cliff University during the 2003-04 school year. Thirty-three students were in programs of supervised student teaching. There were five supervising faculty for student teaching programs during the 2003-04 school year. Three supervising faculty were appointed full-time faculty in professional education. The student/faculty ratio was 6.6.

Briar Cliff University student teachers averaged 40 hours per week in supervised student teaching. Supervised student teaching was for a total of 12 weeks. The Teacher Preparation Program at Briar Cliff University is currently accredited by the State of Iowa. The Teacher Preparation Program is not under a designation as “low-performing” by the State.

Teaching in the Catholic School System
Briar Cliff University prepares students for teaching in Catholic schools by offering courses which provide the students with the background needed for consideration in the Catholic school system. The four dioceses of Iowa have agreed to give preferential hiring to students who have Iowa licensure and have taken the following courses.

One course in each of the areas of scripture, sacraments, and morality, and:
EDUC 300 - Foundations and History of Catholic Schools
EDUC 400 - Ministry of Catholic School Teaching.

Education Department Contact List
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Dr. Kris Crabtree-Groff

Dr./Sr. Ruth Schock
Phone: 712.279.5556
Associate Professor
Dr. Kenneth Berg
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Associate Professor
Dr./Sr. Kathy Knipper
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Mrs. Theresa Engle
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Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Rhonda Kneebone
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