CSCI-IS: Spring, 2013

Updated 2013.01.25

I have two options for Independent Study projects this term.

Project 1

The BCU administration would like to have a better method of distributing iPads. They would like a custom app for the iPad that the bookstore can use. The app would make use of the iPad's scanning capabilities to scan in a student ID and an iPad serial number. These would then be used to look up the name of the student to verify the student's name and eligibility to receive an iPad. If eligible, the information would be entered in a database.

There are two options for a development tool: (1) Apple's Objective C (Apple's version of C++) or (2) MonoTouch. MonoTouch looks interesting and uses C# (which would be a big plus). Both run only on a Macintosh access to a Mac. We would ask the IT center to install them on some of the Macs in the Mac Lab. Besides learning the languages, we would also have to figure out how to use the scanning features of the iPad and how to access a database. Another option could be a web app.

Project 2

When the CIO from Wells talked to us last December, he talked about Oracle, which is probably the most widely-used enterprise-level database in the world. Having at least some knowledge of Oracle would be a good thing to have on your résumé. Oracle has a free "personal" version of their database available for download. It has not been installed on BCU's computers, so you would have to do this on your own computer. I would want you to learn some PL/SQL, which is Oracle's language for creating stored procedures in SQL.

Project 3?

If there is some other aspect of computing that you would like to learn about, I am open to other ideas. Some possibilities are some of the server-side scripting languages that I mentioned on the first day of CSCI425.