CSCI100 Intro to Computers

Updated 2014.10.22

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The test over Word and PowerPoint will be on Monday, December 9 (9:00 section) or Thursday, December 12 (8:00 section). Test is from 8:00 to 9:50.

Day #16. Wednesday, 10/22/2014: Word 1. Short documents

·        Pope Benedict vs. Pope Francis: Change in cell phone use in 8 years. Pic

·        Word 2013 resources.

·        Today's sample file.

·        Excel practice test

·        The test will be hands-on, open-book. It will cover financial functions, pivot tables/charts, 3D cell references, VLOOKUP, advanced filters and "D" functions, and dates/times

Homework due Wednesday (Monday is a test)

·        Letter to the President. Instructions.









































Day #15. Monday, 10/20/2014: XL 12. Dates and Times

·        Excel Resources.

·        Cool applications of Excel's date functions: Birthday, Calendar

Homework due Wednesday

·        Dates and Times: Employees.

Day #17. Monday, 10/27/2014: XL Test #2

·        Excel Test

Day #14. Wednesday, 10/15/2014: XL 11. Databases: Advanced Filters and "D" Functions

·        Excel Resources.

Homework due Monday

·        Advanced Filters, “D” functions: Real Estate.

Day #13. Monday, 10/13/2014: XL 10. VLOOKUP, another way to make decisions

·        3D Printing

·        Excel Resources.

Homework due Wednesday

·        VLOOKUP: Gradebook.

Day #12. Wednesday, 10/08/2014: XL 9. Financial Functions

·        What happens on the Internet in one minute

·        Excel Resources.

·        Compound Interest

·        Financial functions template

·        Financial functions examples

Homework due Monday

·        Financial functions. Deposit a digital copy in the drop box. Use the Financial functions template

Day #11. Monday, 10/06/2014: XL 8: 3D Workbooks

·        Interesting stuff: 200 countries, 200 years

·        Excel Resources.

Homework due Monday

·        3D Workbooks: Sales.

Day #10. Wednesday, 10/01/2014: XL Test, part 1: XL1-XL6

Practice Test (complete on your own—not to be handed in)

·        Practice test

·        Practice test solution file

·        Practice test solution video: Part 1, Part 2 (watch in full screen, at HD resolution)

Day #9. Monday, 9/29/2014: XL 7. Databases: Pivot Tables, Pivot Charts

·        The future of Office: Microsoft Office 2019

·        Excel Resources.

Homework due Monday, 10/06/2014 (Wednesday is a test over Excel)

·        Pivot tables: Hawkeye Football. Deposit a digital copy in the drop box.

Day #8. Wednesday, 9/24/2014: XL 6. Logical Functions

·        Excel Resources.

·        Sample File.

Homework due Monday at 7:30 a.m.

·        Logical functions: Stock Recommendations. Deposit a digital copy in the drop box.

Day #7. Monday, 9/22/2014: XL 5. Charts

·        Excel Resources.

·        Sample file

Homework due Wednesday at 7:30 a.m.

·        Charts. Deposit a digital copy in the drop box.

Day #6. Wednesday, 9/17/2014: XL 4. Databases: Sorting and Filtering

·        Another way to find things on the Internet: the Wolfram Knowledge Engine

·        Excel Resources.

Homework due Monday at 7:30 a.m.

·        Sioux City Weather. Deposit a digital copy in the drop box.

Day #5. Monday, 9/15/2014: XL 3. Formulas with Absolute/Mixed Cell References

·        Employers want students to know Office: Skills needed in the workplace, 2014-2020

·        Excel Resources.

·        Sample file. Budget, addition table, loan payment table.

Homework due Wednesday

·        Absolute/Mixed cell references: Interest Calculator. Deposit a digital copy in the drop box.

Day #4. Wednesday, 9/10/2014: XL 2. Formulas and Relative Cell References

·        Nerd news

·        Excel Resources

·        Sample file.

Homework due Monday at 7:30 a.m.

·        Formulas: Commissions. Deposit a digital copy in the drop box.

Day #3. Monday, 9/08/2014: XL 1. Formatting

·        Getting <window>+<tab> to work: choose Aero

·        Excel Resources

·        Sample file

Homework due Wednesday at 7:30 a.m.

·        Formatting: Invoice. Deposit a digital copy in the drop box.

Day #2. Wednesday, 8/27/2014: Windows, the Internet

·        Quiz over Windows keyboard shortcuts (8:00 to 8:05)

·        How the Internet works

·        Windows: Windows 7, Windows keyboard shortcuts

·        Using the Internet: Internet Resources

Homework due Wednesday (Monday is Labor Day)

·        Web scavenger hunt. Either (1) print the Word document and hand-write your answers, or (2) insert your answers into the Word document and print it. Hand in a hard copy.

Day #1. Monday, 8/25/2014: Windows, Internet

·        Syllabus

·        BCU IT Competency: Requirement, Objectives

·        Get Office:

1.      Buy Office 365 University. $80 for 4 years but don’t buy it until you’re a senior!

2.      Download a 1-month free trial.

3.      Free online version with SkyDrive.

·        How secure is your password? Check it.

·        Using the Briar Cliff Network

·        BCU Email: Using Briar Cliff Email from the web, Emailing guidelines, file naming conventions

Homework due Wednesday:

·        Class policies for assignments and tests (print a hard copy, READ, sign, and bring to next class).

·        Fill out online before 7:30 a.m. Wednesday. This is an assignment: Computer experience survey, Word Processing skills survey, Spreadsheet skills survey.

·        Memorize Windows keyboard shortcuts (nothing to hand in) in preparation for a quiz next class. The quiz will begin promptly at the class starting time.

Day #16. XL Review.

Day #17. Monday, 10/27/2014: Excel Test, XL7-XL12.

Day #18. Wednesday, 10/29/2014: Word 2. Skills for writing a term paper

·Today's files: Lincoln (find/replace), Red-Headed League (find/replace), Christmas Carol.

Homework due Monday

Day #19. Monday, 11/03/2014: Word 3. Positioning text with tabs

Homework due Wednesday

Day #20. Wednesday, 11/05/2014: Word 4. Positioning text with tables

Homework due Monday

Day #21. Monday, 11/10/2014: Word 5. Images

Homework due Wednesday

Day #22. Wednesday, 11/12/2014: Word 6. Newsletter skills

Homework due Monday

Day #23. Monday, 11/17/2014: Word 7. Large Documents, Styles

Homework due Wednesday

Day #24. Wednesday, 11/19/2014: Word 8. Mail Merge

Homework due Monday

Day #25. Monday, 11/24/2014: PowerPoint 1

Homework due Monday

Thanksgiving Vacation

Day #26. Monday, 12/01/2014: PowerPoint 2

Homework due Wednesday (Wednesday is Thanksgiving vacation)

Day #27. Monday, 12/03/2014: PowerPoint 3

Homework due Wednesday

Day #28. Wednesday, 12/03/2014: Review for Final

Practice Tests

Homework due at the end of the period today:


Earlier classes are below…




















Day #27. Review for Word/PPT final.

Assignment due at the end of the period


·Nerd news: Leap Motion

Some useful free programs

Final Test


Bell ringers

Bell Ringers

Other search engines: Ixquick, DuckDuckGo, Blekko

Nate Silver, spring 2014: Who should learn to program? Journalists.

Why you should ditch Windows XP (April, 2014): Windows XP

April 6, 2014: IBM 360 turns 50 years old: IBM 360

Bud logs in

Keeping track with KeePass: password manager

Awesome Internet application: SkyDrive

How much junk is on your computer? Check it.

Nerd news: Leap Motion

How the Internet works

Where is the "cloud"?

How to acquire a Superpower. No mask, tights, or cape required.

Computer myths from TV and the movies

Some useful free programs

Prezi: an interesting PowerPoint alternative

Secunia PSI: (personal software inspector) keeps programs up to date

Malwarebytes: removes malware powerful photo-editor

Audacity: powerful audio editor

KeePass: password manager

Top 5 soon-to-be-obsolete technologies

Windows 8

Computer Hardware

Useful program: Belarc Advisor