Excel 2010 Resources

Updated 2013.02.03

Spreadsheet objectives

Database objectives

Spreadsheet Design Guidelines

Excel Cheat Sheets



·        Excel Overview Video

·        Customization: Changing Excel's defaults

·        Cursor movement Video

·        Data entry

·        Editing

·        Formatting Video

·        File commands

·        Printing


Copying Formulas

·        Copying formulas: Absolute/relative cell references,

·        Autofill Video

·        Simple formulas video

·        Relative cell references video



·        Functions (all)

·        Toolbar functions: SUM, MAX, MIN, AVERAGE, COUNT, Video


Copying Formulas: Absolute Cell References

·        Copying formulas: Absolute/relative cell references,

·        Absolute cell references video


Database Sorting and AutoFiltering

·        Tables

·        Sorting

·        Video #1—Single Key

·        Video #2—Compound Key

·        Autofiltering

·        Video #1--Text Fields

·        Video #2--Numeric Fields

·        Video #3--Compound Conditions


·        Bad examples

·        Good examples

·        Overview

·        Creating a Chart Video,

·        Formatting a Chart: Design Tab Video

·        Formatting a Chart: Layout Tab Video

·        Formatting a Chart: Right-clicking Video

·        Line Charts Video

·        Pie Charts Video

·        Sparklines

·        About Charting

·Guidelines for Charting

·Getting Ready to Chart

·Creating a Basic Chart

·Formatting Your Chart

·Working with Chart Elements

·Using Pie Chart Options

·Charting Extras

·Charts tutorial: How to create a chart (MS)

·Charts tutorial: Choose the right chart type (MS)

·Charts tutorial: Professional-looking charts (MS)


Making decisions

·        Logical tests Video

·        IF Video

·        AND Video

·        OR Video


Database Pivot Tables and Subtotals

·        Pivot tables

·        Video 1: Lists

·        Video 2: Tables

·       Video 3: Sorting

·        Video 4: Filtering

·        Video 5: Field Settings

·        MS video: Repeating labels

·        MS video: Show values as

·        MS video: Slicers

·        MS: PowerPivot Add-in

·        Solver

·        Subtotals

·       Video 1 Video 2


Financial Functions

·        Financial functions overview

·        Future Value (FV) FV Video

·        Payment (PMT) Loan, Savings

·        Present Value (PV) Loan, Savings, Lottery

·        Rate (RATE) Loan, Savings

·        Number of periods (NPER) Loan, Savings


3D Workbooks

·        Working with large and/or 3-D worksheets


Database Advanced Filters and Functions

·        Advanced filters.

·        Video 1. 

·        Video 2.

·        Database functions.

·       Video: DSum, DCount, DAverage.

·        Video: DMax, DMin, DCountA.


Dates and Times

·        Date functions

·        Time Functions

·        Videos: Date Serial Numbers, Date Functions

·        Videos: Time Serial Numbers, Time Functions


Making Decisions, part 2

·        Conditional formatting Video

·        COUNTIF Video

·        SUMIF

·        Nested IF

·        Lookup: VLOOKUP Video



·        Rounding numbers

·        Macros and Visual Basic

·        Creating macros

·        Adding input boxes

·        Creating command buttons


Importing Data

·Importing a text file

·Splitting data from a single cell into multiple cells


Microsoft Video Tutorials

·        Excel Overview

·        Formulas

·        Charts

·        Pivot Tables

·        Pivot Tables: Filtering

·        Pivot Tables:

·        Keyboard shortcuts


Microsoft pages

·       Office Home Page: starting place for info about Excel

·       Downloads: get the latest update (MS calls them "service packs") to Excel

·       Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Home Page: get your Excel skills certified


MS Office Specialist Excel Objectives

MS Office Specialist Excel Expert Objectives

USD Excel tutorial

U of Wisconsin Excel Pages

Florida Gulf Coast University Excel Pages

Sample files