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The marketing major reflects the philosophy of the Business Administration Department. The major in marketing will provide instruction in core areas of marketing including
planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods,
and services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational objectives. The
marketing major includes study of the demographic, social, economic, technological,
environmental and cultural factors influencing demand for consumer and industrial goods and
services, and the marketing strategies and plans necessary to meet this demand. Marketing
majors will have both theoretical and applied learning foundations, and are also required to take
courses in management, finance, accounting and economics which provide a solid foundation
for the MBA degree.

Upon graduation, students majoring in marketing will be able to demonstrate
competencies in the core areas of research, problem solving, statistical analysis, computer
skills, mathematics, oral communication and writing, apply ethical reasoning to decision
making and demonstrate personal and team leadership skills, exhibit knowledge of
the legal, regulatory, ethical and technological issues inherent in the global marketing
environment, demonstrate skills necessary to progress in a marketing career and/or pursue
advanced studies, apply fundamental knowledge of marketing to decision making.

Bachelor of Arts
Requirements: 15 hours from the business administration offerings (BUAD), including BUAD
BUAD 223, BUAD 225, BUAD 330, BUAD 350, BUAD 429 and 21 hours from the marketing offerings, including MRKT 301, MRKT 305, MRKT 308, MRKT 345, MRKT 360, MRKT 385, and MRKT 410. Majors are also required to take one elective marketing course from MRKT 276, MRKT 340, MRKT 365, MRKT 370, MRKT 401 OR MCOM 307 and at least one credit hour of SIFE (BUAD 70IR).

Marketing majors also are required to take ACCT 203, ACCT 204, ECON 210, ECON 211, WRTG 225, SPEC 111, and either MATH 200 or MATH 360. The business faculty will certify the general education service component and competencies in computer usage, moral/ethical reasoning, oral communication, research and writing in this major.

Students who desire to double major in Marketing and Business Administration are required to
take 15 BUAD credit hours which are not used to satisfy the Marketing major.

Requirements: BUAD 225, MRKT 301, MRKT 305, MRKT 308, MRKT 345, MRKT 410, and ECON 210 and 211.

Marketing Courses (MRKT)

MRKT 301 Principles of Marketing 3 sem. hours • Fall, Spring
Study of the concepts and problems concerned with the flow of goods and services to the
consumer. An analysis will be made of the following: Marketing functions, wholesale and retail
institutions, and internal and external factors affecting activities. Prerequisite: Econ 200 or 211 or permission of instructor • Fall, Spring

MRKT 305 Consumer Behavior 3 sem. hours
The major objective of this course is to find out why people buy what they buy, when they
buy and where they buy. Behavioral and social influences on the buying process will also be
examined. This information is then used to more effectively plan marketing programs. Prerequisite: MRKT 301, PSYC 110 is recommended • Fall

MRKT 308 Sales Management 3 sem. hours
Students will learn more about the field of professional selling. Topics to be covered are: the
context of sales and the place of sales in the marketing function; the external environment
including the legal aspects and its impact on sales; the various steps in the sales process
from prospecting to follow-up; professional and ethical behaviors; and the principles of sales
management. Role playing will be utilized to give the student valuable experience in making a
sales presentation. The final project will be to make a professional presentation on behalf of a
student business. Prerequisite: MRKT 301 • Fall

MRKT 340 Retail Management 3 sem. hours
This course provides an overview of the marketing and management of retail businesses. The
course will include administration and strategic planning in large and small retail firms. It will
also cover the management of retail functions including stock planning, inventory control,
markup and pricing, merchandising, retail promotion, human resources management, store
location, design and layout, legal and ethical issues, customer service and retention strategies.
Prerequisite: MRKT 301 • As needed

MRKT 345 Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications 3 sem. hours
A survey of advertising objectives of different levels of business organization. The course deals
with campaigns, techniques and various media available to firms and industry.
Prerequisite: MRKT 301 • Spring

MRKT 360 Marketing Research 3 sem. hours
The course examines the marketing research process from problem identification to
presentation of research results. It gives the student a hands-on approach for solving marketing problems and taking advantage of marketing opportunities. Prerequisite: MRKT 301 and a statistics course • Fall

MRKT 365 Supply Chain Management 3 sem. hours
The study of Supply Chain Management examines material and information management in
conjunction with suppliers and customers. Globalization, collaboration, and the impact of the
Internet will be ongoing themes in the examination of the topic. Specific topics to be covered
are inventory management, channel management, and logistics. Prerequisite: MRKT 301, BUAD 350 would be helpful • As needed

MRKT 385 Global Management 3 sem. hours
This course studies how businesses plan, develop, market and distribute products/services on a
global scale. Special emphasis is placed on how businesses adapt to different cultural, political
and economic environments. Prerequisite: MRKT 301 • Fall

MRKT 401 Special Topics in Marketing 3 sem. hours
This course integrates flexibility into the marketing major. Topics of interest to marketing
majors and the professor will be taught on a yearly basis dependent on the needs of both
the marketplace and the students. Topics may include: International Marketing, Non Profit
Marketing, Sports Marketing, Creative Marketing Strategies, Brand Management, Pricing or
others as necessary. Prerequisite: MRKT 301 • As needed

MRKT 410 Marketing Management 3 sem. hours
This is the capstone course for a marketing major or minor. Advance marketing strategies and
tactics are studied and students create a marketing plan, execute a marketing project, and
present the results to the client. Prerequisite: Three marketing courses. • Spring