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We, the room occupants take responsibility for all happenings that take place within our room and by our guests. We understand that if there is reason to believe minors are drinking in our room that we will be held accountable as such. We also understand that all of the alcohol in the residence hall room may be confscated and discarded, that we may be held accountable as outlined in the Student Handbook and that we may face fnes, sanctions, probation, etc.

We understand that if a reasonable person could logically assume an alcohol violation has taken place given the evidence, we will be held accountable as though it has.
All rooms in Baxter and Noonan Halls are considered dry rooms regardless of the ages of the occupants unless there is a signed copy of this contract on fle with Residence Life.
In order to be complete, this form MUST be filled out from ALL room occupants.
By checking this box, you agree that you have read and understood the above room transfer procedure and that all room transfer check out/check in procedures have been followed.

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