Step 1. Complete this form in it entirety.
Step 2. Check out your new room key from your new hall director and sign necessary papers.
Step 3. Commence with moving. Moving anything to your new room before having completed Step 1 and Step 2 may result in an improper move fine or in not being ranted approval to move.
Step 4. Move all of your belongings out of your old room and turn in yoru old key to your former hall director who will officially check you out of your old room. (Note: you may be charged for any room damages or items not removed.)
Student transferring out of their current spaces must have all belongings removed from their current spaces and have their old keys turned in by the deadline set by Residence Life. Failure to meet this deadline may result in an improper move fine and students may be charged the replacement cost for their room keys if it is not returned by the stated deadline.
Name:   Student ID:    
Current Hall: Current Room Number:
New Hall:   New Room Number:  
By checking this box, you agree that you have read and understood the above room transfer procedure and that all room transfer check out/check in procedures have been followed.

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