Please carefully read the following Residency Requirements before completing this application.

Residency Requirements: All full-time, unmarried students under 21 years of age and not living with parents, spouses, or legal guardians must live in Briar Cliff University residence halls. Students 20 years of age may apply to live off campus through the Office of Residential Life and Housing. This application is for students requesting permission to live off campus. Off campus housing applications are due at least three weeks prior to the academic semester in which a student wishes to move off campus. Students must submit with this application a letter detailing reasons for moving off campus. Incomplete applications will not be approved.
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In order to receive permission to live off campus, you must meet with the Office of Financial Aid, obtain written permission from your parent or guardian, and meet with the Director of Residential Life and Housing.

Note: Parent or guardian must provide a written statement stating their support of his/her student's move off campus and his/her understanding of any financial aid adjustments. Please email statements from parents or guardians directly to the Director of Residential Life and Housing.
By checking this box, the student verifies that he/she understands the financial aid adjustments incurred when moving off campus and accept personal responsibility for obtaining off-campus housing arrangements.

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