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All student-athletes are encouraged to turn in a copy of their immunization records to the Health Services Office.
A copy of any updates to your immunization record, occuring while you are attending BCU, should also be provided to the Health Services Office.
Meningococcal Meningitis Vaccine - Should be considered, especially for freshman living in the residence halls. Meningitis potentially can be fatal or leave devastating side effects, such as hearing loss, renal failure, brain damage or even limb damage requiring amputation. This disease can be vaccine preventable for some strains of meningitis. For more information, visit the National Meningitis Association website at
STATE LAW REQUIRES the following information be submitted for new students living in the residence halls.
Meningococcal immunization    Date Received
Briar Cliff University has provided me information explaining the risks of meningococcal disease*  
Health Information Release Consent
A consent is required prior to the release of any health information.
I hereby authorize Briar Cliff University to release either verbally or by documentation, the data from my medical record to:
 Briar Cliff University Health Services/Outside Health Care Providers
 My parents and/or guardian (Enter Names)
I understand that I may withdraw this consent at any time by providing written notice.
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Parent's Consent for Student Under 18 Years of Age
In case of an accident or emergency where there is not time to contact the parents/guardian, I hereby give the university authority to make decisions for treatment or surgery for my son/daughter.
I hereby certify that the information above is true and accurate.
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