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Briar Cliff is a learning community with a tradition of Franciscan and academic excellence. University life consists of many factors that contribute to a positive experience.

From your first day on campus, Briar Cliff will support you and encourage you. We will challenge you to make good decisions, to think for yourself, and to develop your unique talents. Your success remains our chief goal.

Although academic coursework and intellectual inquiry remain the cornerstones of any collegiate program, much learning takes place outside the classroom: in the residence halls; in the dining center; in the weight room; through campus activities and organizations; intramurals; religious life; athletic teams; campus jobs; and community service. You have much to learn from your student colleagues, your faculty, coaches, and librarians.

We encourage your self determination and self direction. The University will not take responsibility for your life or your behaviors or function as your parent. People learn responsibility by experiencing it, not by avoiding it. At least once this year, stop following; step up and lead. Youth is not made for pleasure but for heroism.

Please capitalize on every opportunity to make Briar Cliff your university. Be involved! Your years here will prepare you for life and a chosen career. They will be a time of great personal growth, challenge, and genuine happiness. If you want a friend, be a friend. The friends you make on the Cliff can be your friends forever.

Briar Cliff rejoices that you have chosen to continue your education with us. We take great pride in our campus and we want to share all of it with you. Thoughtfully, consider what you can do for the University and how you can help make Briar Cliff a better place to live and to learn.

We hope that your experiences on the Cliff prove to be enriching and that they last your entire life.