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Welcome to Briar Cliff University!

Briar Cliff University is a Catholic and Franciscan university that offers a rigorous and highly personal education for our students. Since our founding in 1930, students at Briar Cliff University have encountered an academic experience that challenges them to grow intellectually, spiritually, physically, professionally, and socially. Whether you are considering our venerable undergraduate programs or our highly regarded graduate offerings, I know you will find that Briar Cliff University can serve your many personal, academic, and career needs.

Briar Cliff University helps students develop themselves in two ways that may seem to be contradictory, but instead are foundational for their futures. One way is that our students grow in personal independence. Our students face challenges that require them to think critically and creatively. They develop a focus on careers. They cultivate a strong values base that helps them to stand apart from the crowd. They learn what it means to be independent, autonomous, and responsible individuals.

At the same time they are developing independence, Briar Cliff University students also grow in their abilities to work with others. Our Franciscan heritage recognizes the importance of community, of collaboration for the greater good. Our students consider ways to be active citizens in their communities, in their nations, and in our world. They learn how to become forces for positive change by providing witness to the Gospel values that transform the world.

Irrespective of talent or previous preparation, all students who come to Briar Cliff University can benefit from the many opportunities we offer. All we ask of each student is a steadfast commitment to the education we provide and a positive contribution to our university life.

When you examine our almost eighty years of service, you will see that Briar Cliff University provides an education that is grounded in the rich Catholic and Franciscan traditions of liberal education. We marry our curriculum with experiences that prepare students for the real worlds they will encounter after they are graduated. Most importantly, through an immersion in our Catholic and Franciscan environment, Briar Cliff University students develop the values that will lead to truly meaningful lives.

On behalf of the faculty and staff of our great institution, I invite you to explore what makes Briar Cliff University special. I look forward to welcoming you to campus!

Pace e bene,

William T. Mangan, Ph.D.
Vice President for Academic Affairs